Artificial Turf: Great Idea But Not Cost Effective

Recently Finneytown Local Schools was offered an opportunity to receive and install gently used artificial turf from another school for the stadium field. Currently, Finneytown uses a grass field for outside athletics. This artificial turf is much better for the athletes in terms of less injuries and easier mobility on the field. Unfortunately for Finneytown, the used turf was not cost effective to move from the school and install on the current stadium field. After evaluation of the costs of new artificial turf in comparison with the cost to move and install this used turf, it was discovered it would cost at least 75% of the cost of new turf installation. There would be no guarantee or warranty provided. In addition, several turf companies were contacted and none were willing to take up used turf and install in a new location. Sadly, Finneytown had to decline the offer.

Moving forward Finneytown Boosters and the Athletic Director will be looking for other options including grants to pay for a new artificial turf for the stadium field.